Hazard 4 ID Patch

9.99 USD
Hazard 4 ID Patch
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Write your info on a piece of paper and slide it in this ID sleeve. Slap it to any velcro surface or hang it from anything you can think of.

Made of flexible rubber. Measurements 11,7 x 8 cm.

Factory new, made by Civilian Labs.

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I would not recommend to a friend
Way too expensive for what you get. Nice size, nice soft rubber, nice velcro on all of the back. Even a small hole to secure it with some paracord in addition to the velcro, in case you use it on your 5.11 Tactical Outbound CAMS bag on your way to some shit country. This is a nice product, but too expensive. I can recommend it if you need a velcro ID holder for your tactical jacket, but only if the ID is credit-card sized, for example your German Kasernensonderausweis. It is too small for NATO/mission ID-cards, at least the ones I have been using. Your Finnish Ronald McDonald VIP card should work fine, as well as your Varusteleka Certified Addict card. Don't print your info on a laser printer and slip the paper inside, the text will get stuck on the inside of the transparent plastic window. Put some extra plastic in between.
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