Haix KSK3000

199.99 USD
Haix KSK3000
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If you are looking for proper boots for rugged and unforgiving terrain, the KSK3000 is what you're looking for. Modelled after the Bundeswehr mountain issue boot but with some improvements, these are made of extra thick leather and feature a very stiff sole.

If a pair of light urban boots are the thing you are looking for, forget these and have a look at some of our other models instead. However, if your road leads into the trackless wilderness, the KSK3000 is the boot you want to have with you. Yes, these are on the higher end of HAIX's price spectrum, but definitely cost far less than a pair of, say, wrecked-up ankles. Actually, these are surprisingly affordable for this kind of boot: extremely well thought-out, made of tough materials and protect your feet on every side imaginable. These are made in a straightforward military style, so there's no extra cost coming from nubuck leather or colourful laces and all that stuff found on regular hiking boots - the price tag comes from the materials, durability and workmanship, not looks.

HAIX's sales pitch makes these out as all-terrain military boots. At least in the nasty Finnish forests and rocky wastes these may indeed come in handy, but rugged mountainous environments are where these really shine. For lighter terrain these might be overkill, although they will still get the job done just fine. Just imagine you're a bulldozer ploughing through the undergrowth and you'll have a pretty good idea what these boots are like.

  • 18 cm high shaft.
  • Waterproofed, 2,5 - 2,7 mm thick leather.
  • Upper made of leather with nylon & leather tongue.
  • Gore-Tex Performance membrane.
  • Cambrelle lining keeps feet dry from perspiration and water.
  • Cushioned rubber/PU sole with added foot arch support.
  • Special tread pattern to maximize grip in rough terrain. The sole is curved from the heel and nose for easier walking.
  • Wide last to accommodate a few pairs of socks.
  • Made of large pieces of leather, minimizing the amount of seams, especially on the lower part.
  • A rubber reinforcement just above the sole, running around the whole boot.
  • HAIX Climate System - small air holes in the upper part of the shaft let the sweaty air escape through the pumping motion against the cushion, caused by you when walking. These also have a lot more air holes than most regular HAIX boots.
  • Material standards (in geek terms): CE EN ISO 20347:2007 O2 HRO HI CI WR FO SRC

Important: NEVER use regular shoe polish or grease with membrane boots. Use only those which are specifically designed for them. If you apply regular polish, say bye-bye to the breathability.


All HAIX footwear come with a one year warranty. The warranty will be handled by C.P.E. Sales Finland Oy - you will receive a warranty card with your HAIX boots, save it and our receipt. We do not handle international warranties or warranties for HAIX footwear that's not bought from us.

About the fit

As hinted previously, these have some room for extra socks. The last could be described as wide. If you are familiar with HAIX models like X21 and Airpower Pro, these are pretty similar in terms of fit.

Sizes in the British system, with euro sizes in brackets.

Some people want to know the insole lengths of each size, so here you go. Measured my placing a tape on the insole and measuring the longest distance from the heel to the toe. Some different sizes seemed to use same insoles (which work OK) so we rounded the measurements in these cases a few mm here or there to reflect reality.

Brit/Euro sizeInsole length
5,5 (39)261 mm
6 (39)259 mm
6,5 (40)265 mm
7 (41)270 mm
7,5 (41)277 mm
8 (42)282 mm
8,5 (43)285 mm
9 (43)295 mm
9,5 (44)298 mm
10 (45)300 mm
10,5 (45,5)303 mm
11 (46)307 mm
11,5 (47)313 mm
12 (47)318 mm

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Järeät klopot joilla pärjää karummassakin maastossa, mutta silti niin jalkaystävälliset, että edes ihka-uutena ei rakkoherkkiin jalkoihini tuntunut minkäänlaista hinkkausta rakoista puhumattakaan. Pysyy jalat kuivana ja myös suht. lämpimänä paksun pohjan ansiosta. Vuositolkulla on omani jo sotaa kestäneet, kesät talvet, vaikka tuo käyttämäni Haixin plankki ei tunnu vesiväriä kummemmalta litkulta. Sen verran lumilautamonomaiset, että autolla-ajo on jokseenkin kömpelöä lähinnä paksun pohjan takia, mutta esim. juostessa ei tunnu mitenkään klohnuilta. Ja muuten meno tuntuu yhtä tasaiselta niin kivikossa, metsäkuntalla, kuin paraatikentälläkin. Ehdottomasti parhaita ostoksiani ever.
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