Haix Boot Desert Combat High Liability, brown, B-stock

Haix Boot Desert Combat High Liability, brown, B-stock

Price 109.95 EUR 139.95 EUR including VAT

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A one-off batch of 2nd grade Haix boots, these have only very slight cosmetic flaws. Light, very breathable and very comfortable. Normally these would cost maybe sixty bucks more.

Light-as-a-feather, dextrous and breathable combat boots. A mixture of leather and tough nylon makes these very well suited to summer use. British army model - these are made of especially tough materials for rough use. For example, note the rubber reinforcement that extends not only to cover the toes, but goes around the whole boot.

  • Upper made of leather and nylon
  • No membrane for better breathability
  • Cushioned rubber sole with added foot arch support
  • Rubber reinforcement going around the whole upper for better wear resistance
  • Spacious toebox
  • Not safety boots! Officially, that is.
  • Official recommended temperature range from very hot to a few degrees below zero Celsius

Size info

Sizes in the British system, with euro sizes in brackets.

Some people want to know the insole lengths of each size, so here you go. Measured my placing a tape on the insole and measuring the longest distance from the heel to the toe. Some different sizes seemed to use same insoles (which work OK) so we rounded the measurements in these cases a few mm here or there to reflect reality.

Brit/Euro sizeInsole length
3,5 (36)238 mm
4 (37)242 mm
4,5 (37)247 mm
5 (38)252 mm
5,5 (39)255 mm
6 (39)259 mm
6,5 (40)263 mm
7 (41)267 mm
7,5 (41)272 mm
8 (42)276 mm
8,5 (43)279 mm
9 (43)282 mm
9,5 (44)288 mm
10 (45)292 mm
10,5 (45,5)295 mm
11 (46)301 mm
11,5 (47)305 mm
12 (47)309 mm
12,5 (48)313 mm
13 (48)316 mm
13,5 (49)318 mm
14 (50)325 mm


All HAIX footwear come with a one year warranty. The warranty will be handled by C.P.E. Sales Finland Oy - you will receive a warranty card with your HAIX boots, save it and our receipt. We do not handle international warranties or warranties for HAIX footwear that's not bought from us.

2nd grade

These just have some slight cosmetic flaws, otherwise they're good to go.

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19.01.2019 (Edited 19.01.2019)

Arvosteluni muutaman lenkin jälkeen

Kävin parissa liikkeessä sovittamassa n. 100 euron hintaisia ulkoilukenkiä, jotka kaikki olivat lestiltään liian kapeita kiinan pilipali-ihmeitä

Tämä kenkä istuu minun jalkaani heittämällä. Verrattuna Alpina trapperiin, on tämä paljon kevyempi ja notkeampi. Ei kuitenkaan niin notkea kuin esim. Sievin turvakengät, joita

käytän töissä päivittäin. Kalvoa ei näissä Desert malleissa ole. Käsittelin ennen käyttöönottoa jollain sprayllä ja toistaiseksi jalat ovat olleet kuivat.


Oikeasti leveä lesti
Pohjan kulutuspinta
Yleinen viimeistelytaso
Pohjaan ei tartu skeidaa

Sentti lunta ja kengät muuttuvat luistimiksi. Tosin, nämä ovat viidakkomallit... soveltunevat parhaiten kesään ja syksyyn..
Nupukin kestävyys ja hoito mietityttävät..
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