Haix Black Eagle Athletic 10 High

Haix Black Eagle Athletic 10 High

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You take a sneaker, a bunch of German engineering, a traditional combat boot and mix them together. The result: hi-leg boots that work like running shoes, made extremely well of modern materials. Of course these also have the essential Gore-Tex membranes and stuff, and the fit & form are of course top notch.

Black Eagle is the newer, athletic, sexier and lighter product line from Haix. Excellent fit, very intricately designed sole and tested materials make a versatile lightweight boot. It's also antistatic and has no metal parts.


  • A large portion of the upper is made of mesh fabric, with all the parts subjected to wear reinforced with heavier stuff, doubled in the nose. Ankle protection on the sides.
  • Moisture wicking Cambrelle lining on the inside.
  • Hidden between the top and bottom layers is the waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane.
  • Quick lacing with tunnel loops and lace locks. These are made of strong plastic.
  • The lacing knot can be hidden inside a small flap on the top of the tongue.
  • Height of the shaft 17 cm on the lowest part.


Probably the most intricately designed sole of Haix lineup - contains overall 10 components of cushioning and stiffening parts in a well balanced mix, and the outer sole not only has a good grip, but provides further protection for the nose. Haix advertises a nice grip on winter season too.

The insoles are equally fancy with some shock absorption and moisture wicking properties. Wash them in 30 degrees Celsius occasionally.


These are made pretty much all over of synthetic materials, so the need for care is relatively minor. Brush dirt off, clean with a moist rag and treat the boots with protector spray if you wish.

It's best to take the insoles out of the boots after use to accelerate drying. We suggest not to dry the boots near a strong heat source as the materials might not like it.

You might want to try some proper nice socks to get the most out of the boots and minimize the chances of getting blisters.

Size info

First the UK size, then comparable Euro size in the brackets. The last width on these is somewhat closer to regular than wide. In other words it should fit most people.


All HAIX footwear come with a one year warranty. The warranty will be handled by C.P.E. Sales Finland Oy - you will receive a warranty card with your HAIX boots, save it and our receipt. We do not handle international warranties or warranties for HAIX footwear that's not bought from us.


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4.5 / 5
1 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

+ Todella kevyet maiharit ja pohjallinen on mielettömän pehmeä(=tosi mukavat pitää jalassa). Todellakin "lenkkarin tuntuiset".
+ Erityisen hyvät kasarmi olosuhteisiin.
- Nauhat ohuet ja alle puolessa vuodessa molemmat katkenneet.
- Samoin kummastakin kengästä toinen nilkka lukko osittain rikki.
- Läpän "solmusuoja" täysin turha. Ei pysy kiinni. Parempi tunkea nauhat perinteisesti varren sisään.
- Ei pidä oikeasti vettä: märässä metsässä päivän kulkeneena kastui aika pahasti. (Nahkaiset gore maiharit pitävät huomattavasti paremmin vettä).

Nämä on päivittäiseen työ käyttöön tosi hyvät ja sota käyttöön on sitten toiset maiharit.
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