German / Finnish fireman's wool tunic #2

German / Finnish fireman's wool tunic #2

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A German made tunic used by the Finnish firemen. Most-very-fockin'-likely wartime manufacture with Wehrmacht size markings and everything, along with SA-Int stamps on the other side.

To the best of our knowledge the Finns ordered black-ish tunics for firemen before/around the war years. Unfortunately we couldn't find any clear dates, but there are a number of vague stamps, Wehrmacht size notation and Finnish army SA-Int property marks.

Size is an old EU 48, which means 46 today (user's recommended height and chest size about 170-176 / 88-92 cm or US 36R).


In fine shape! There's just some worn spots on the shoulders and a small hole on the other side of the collar, could be a moth nip or from wearing some insigina piece. Also, the cuff buttons have been removed and the split is just sewn shut and the first aid pocket button is missing. These seem to be some official Finnish modifications. Otherwise this is in absolutely beautiful condition.


We got just a handful of these, and will sell a couple of them.

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