Gerber Suspension multitool

33.99 EUR
Gerber Suspension multitool
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BW combat gloves, Flecktarn, surplus

BW combat gloves, Flecktarn, surplus

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German Bundeswehr general purpose combat gloves with leather palm. These also have a light lining, but they're not really winter gloves: pick a close-fitting size and you'll be able to manipulate buttons, levers and such. If you know what Mechanix gloves are you'll know what to expect. Used surplus.

Gerber Dime multitool

Gerber Dime multitool

24.99 EUR

A cute little keychain multitool with just the right amount of nice-to-have tools for most everyday stress situations a humanoid can find itself in. A cheap, quite well made little folder, there are certainly worst things to spend your bucks in.

Gerber Center-Drive multitool

Gerber Center-Drive multitool

169.99 EUR

The new tool from Gerber has the emphasis on the few usually needed features, strong construction and some nice little extras on the side. It might have a bit steeper price tag than multitools usually are, but you get a lot of tool too, this ain't no toy.

A decent multitool for a very decent price. One-off lot from the remaining stock of Inttistore Ltd.

This apparently isn't the top of the line from Gerber, but good for your casual tinkering and very affordable. Enough functions for a multitool in a pretty tight package.

  • Overall Length: 15.2 cm
  • Closed Length: 8.9 cm
  • Weight: 255g
  • Handle Material Stainless Steel
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic nylon
  • Components: Needlenose pliers, wire cutter, fine edge knife, serrated edge knife, saw, scissors, crosspoint screwdriver, small and medium flatblade screwdrivers, can opener, bottle opener and lanyard hole.

Dead stock from Inttistore Ltd.

A company called Inttistore went under and we bought the whole stock, that's where these are from. These are cheaper across the board than they originally retailed for, and present excellent bang for the buck.

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