French Felin combat trousers, surplus

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French Felin combat trousers, surplus

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Modern combat trousers made purely for field use. Packed with neat and functional details, perfect for warmer and colder weather. A bit more pricey than your usual surplus articles, but truly worth the money. Nothing fancy, just 100% pure practical functions, this is great!

As with the Felin combat smock, the trousers are equally practical with a nice fit, enough pockets and some well designed features. Let's go through it in detail:

  • Roomy cut offers unrestricted movement and an option to wear warm layers underneath. While not oversized, these should work almost around the year.
  • Zipper fly with a button & velcro strip on the top.
  • Elastic velcro adjustment on the waist, along with belt loops.
  • Attachment for the Felin suspenders, which are unfortunately not included.
  • Drawcords on the leg cuffs, however sometimes these have been removed.
  • Cordura reinforced knees with pockets for protective inserts. The seat has just an extra layer of HBT fabric.
  • Two regular slash pockets on the sides.
  • Two cargo pockets with a folding mouth to prevent stuff from falling out.


Thin, dense HBT cotton, keeps out the wind but breathes very effectively and feels comfortable against bare skin. The knee reinforcements are proper hard wearing Cordura. Zippers are made by Kroko, real quality stuff. All buttons are extremely practical large Canadian style buttons.


Very easy, these are sized according to user height and waist circumference, you can´t go wrong!

Genuine military surplus

Used but in pretty nice shape, some repairs and wear can be found. Overall really good condition, all are made in 2000's so these are not too old either!

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