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Finnish police greatcoat, World War 2 era #1

Finnish police greatcoat, World War 2 era #1

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A Finnish police officer's greatcoat, very likely even pre-war or at least wartime, in superb shape. One-off piece!

A classic model with striped satin lining. Double button rows with gold lion buttons. High ranking staff shoulderboards. The Finnish Police Museum tells us that this shoulderboard model was used until 1941.

The size is about EU 52 portly: recommended user's height about 176-180 cm, chest circumference 100-104 cm, waist 96-100 cm. Measured chest circumference 116 cm, waist 112 cm, sleeve length from the shoulder seam 68 cm.


In very good used shape, nothing to gripe about really. There's just some white dust-like dirt on the hem, some wear inside the collar and the buttonholes have seen some action. Otherwise this is in top shape!


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