Finnish Molotov cocktail and booze crate, without lid, surplus

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Finnish Molotov cocktail and booze crate, without lid, surplus
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Yes, really. The official nomenclature for this crate is "Polttopullo- ja annosviinalaatikko", which means just what the name says. Original Finnish government issue from the times of the Second World War. The story probably goes like this: they filled this crate with booze and shipped it to front lines where the men would empty in in their korsu bunkers under the rancid sound of an accordion. When they would rise from the hangover they would use the bottles to make Molotov cocktails, a traditional anti-tank weapon around here.

In rough condition and without the lid. Visible inside are the marks from the booze bottles.

Outside measurements about 95 x 32 x 45 cm.

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Only sold domestically, either via the company Matkahuolto or by picking up in our walk-in store.

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Polttopulloja muuten "ladattiin" ihan teollisesti mm Rajamäen viinatehtaalla ja toimitettiin rintamalle tuollaisissa laatikoissa.
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