Finnish M91 camouflage uniform

117.99 USD
Finnish M91 camouflage uniform
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Särmä TST Finnish M05 unit insignia, subdued

Särmä TST Finnish M05 unit insignia, subdued

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Finnish army unit insignia, emboridered in subdued colours. And that's all you foreign spy devils will be told! If you want to know more just google translate the Finnish description page.

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Särmä TST L2 turtleneck shirt, merino wool

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Särmä TST Coolmax T-shirt, M05 woodland camo

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Finnish M83 sweater

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As the cleverest probably picked up, the Finnish army model sweater is strikingly similar to the British army model which it indeed is copied from. Why not, it's a superb sweater and looks good on you. One-off lot!

Finnish M91 T-shirt

Finnish M91 T-shirt

11.99 USD

The Finnish army did an excellent job in failing to make a good or even a decent t-shirt. The end product is this. These are more than generously sized - even size Small was too big for the common conscript. However the available sizes started from Large, so getting a decent fit was doomed from the start. These are made to army specs by an official contractor.

The pre-M/05 camouflage is the M/91. The cut is basically the same. These are made to army spec, very high quality stuff. One-off lot!

The M/91 uniform definitely isn't the among the worst we've seen, it just doesn't really know if it is a parade uniform or something meant for combat. It is a quality uniform nontheless.


  • Roomy cut with hem and waist drawcords
  • Zipper & snap closure on the front
  • Four zippered pockets
  • One sleeve pocket, velcro adjustment on the cuffs
  • Rank insignia patches on the collar, place for a name tag on the chest, and unit & service branch insignia goes to the arm.


  • Elastic band adjustment on the waist - if your trousers feel large, tighten this
  • Zipper & button fly
  • Two slash pockets, two cargo pockets
  • Water resistant knee reinforcements
  • Nominal elastics of the cuffs.

Made of 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton, works pretty well during every other season than the hottest summer and is pretty damn hard wearing. Wash in 60 degrees Celsius.

Size info

Sizes in the "easy system", instead of the standard Finnish army one. It's sensible for garments like this. In the brackets we've given the about comparable EU size. These are all "regular" height, fit best for about 170-180 cm tall people, and the larger sizes may be good for a tad taller even.

Made by Finnish army contractor

Made in Estonia by one of the official manufacturers used by the army. These are made to military specs.

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