Finnish M91 boxers, unissued

4.99 USD
Finnish M91 boxers, unissued
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Dutch underpants, surplus

Dutch underpants, surplus

1.99 USD

In the age of boxers, it's hard to find good ol' speedos as used army surplus. These Dutch ones are brown, so if someone left brown stripes on them, no worries - you can't see them anyway!

Finnish M92 helmet cover, M91 camouflage, surplus

Finnish M92 helmet cover, M91 camouflage, surplus

9.99 USD

Camouflage cover for the Finnish army M92 composite helmet. Just like underwear, you turn this over when the seasons change. These older M91 camo covers are still current issue for reservists and other less important people.

Mil-Tec Sports long johns, moisture wicking

Mil-Tec Sports long johns, moisture wicking

12.99 USD

Forget shivering in wet cotton long johns. Their primary benefit was feeling pleasant against the skin anyways, but these take care of that while being rabidly moisture wicking too!

For some reason the Finnish army got rid of the Real Men's size underwear. These are made for rough use involving anything from sweat and piss to blood and barbed wire. Well, almost.

Essentially a proper pair of boxer shorts - made of 50/50 polycotton with somewhat airy weave, permit all kinds of movement and have the army property stamps.

Like in the army, there are only well-fitting and extremely well-fitting sizes. The sizes follow the euro system.

Unissued, straight from the manufacturer's cardboard boxes.

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Hyvät kalsarit, jotka kestää vuosikausia. Ei ihan niin hyvät kuin uudemman sukupolven M05, mutta melkein.
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