Finnish M36 wool tunic #13

Finnish M36 wool tunic #13

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A true classic from ages past, the model 1936 wool tunic had its moment of glory during the Winter and Continuation War. This example is made in 1941! One-off piece!

A very nice specimen, made of the rougher type of wool. Cotton lining with clear stamps: "Int 41, 50A" and the manufacturer's stamp and army decommission stamp too. Besides normal wear there's nothing wrong with this tunic. Only the rank insignia is installed afterwards - this jacket has seen some theater use.

Inside the hem pockets there are even extra pockets and the stupid internal suspenders copied from the Germans are there. Phuhh!

Marked size 50A, which nominally is "Medium Short", but the old Finnish sizes are tight, so the actual size is more like EU 48 Short (Small Short in US system): maximun chest of the user 96 cm, and height some 172 cm.


In excellent condition! Apart from normal wear, a small pinhead-size hole on the arm and a few small fake blood stains on the other sleeve cuff and naturally some wear on the collar, the tunic is a dream come true.

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