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Finnish M36 wool tunic #1

Finnish M36 wool tunic #1

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A really, really wartime looking Finnish M36 wool tunic, and size 56 D! This has been used in the new Tuntematon sotilas (Unknown Soldier) movie. Thankfully not much.

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A really, really wartime looking Finnish M36 wool tunic, and size 56 D! This has been used in the new Tuntematon sotilas (Unknown Soldier) movie. Thankfully not much.

Despite the inevitable old moth nips and occasional holes here and there, this example is in very good shape for its age. It has either received a major service or just made from slightly different coloured pieces, but probably repaired. The fabric feels a bit more crummy than on post-war manufacture stuff. Adjustment in the sleeve cuffs with plasticky type buttons, likely original. The rank stripes may well be some movie prop stuff, they are just sewn on by hand.

The only actual Finnish army marking we found is black stamped "Int 56 D", which means it's army property and the number is definitely the size, not a date. The font looks very non-standard, another clue leaning towards wartime manufacture (they made these in many different factories). An actual date we couldn't find anywhere, but overall the tunic feels very authentic WW2 production.

There are Milpro and TV2 property tags, but these can fortunately be removed easily.

The size is 56 D, and the tunic would fit about 170-180 / 104-108 cm person (normally this would be more like X-Large, but the older Finnish army sizes run small). Very rare size with military garments from this era.

This item is from the Tuntematon sotilas movie wardrobe

We have been supplying stuff for the new Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) movie and this item has been in the film wardrobe. We cannot guarantee it was actually used on set or has any screen time. The item usually has various property markings; old Milform wardrobe, our own, and of course various tags from the Tuntematon sotilas movie set, many of these permanent. These are size markings, names etc. All markings are placed in a way they do not show outside when the item is used.


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