Finnish M36 greatcoat #2

Finnish M36 greatcoat #2

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A true classic from ages past, the model 1936 greatcoat had its moment of glory during the Winter and Continuation War. Real deal piece, made of very thick wool with a full satin lining. One-off piece!

A Greatcoat in the true sense of the word, this is a formidable piece of Finnish military history. One can only marvel at the workmanship and quality not found anymore. Many of these were made by tailors for certain individuals, as was this one.

The size is about Euro 46, or Small: actual measured chest circrumference about 102 cm, waist 94 cm, sleeve length from shoulder seam 65 cm. We could say this one is made for a gentleman who's 170 cm tall and has a chest circumference of 92 cm and a normal build.


In very good shape for its age; there's the occasional little moth nip, some little wear on the lining and the top front buttons are both missing. All in all a superb specimen! You could wear this out in the town, it's that nice.

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