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Finnish M13 rain jacket

Finnish M13 rain jacket

Price 73.99 USD excluding VAT

FDF model M-2013 rain jacket. "Pretty waterproof" can't be applied to this, it's more like "ridiculously wateproof". Generous cut to fit over everything else! If you are after a reliable 100% waterproof jacket, this is the one.

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FDF model M-2013 rain jacket. "Pretty waterproof" can't be applied to this, it's more like "ridiculously wateproof". Generous cut to fit over everything else! If you are after a reliable 100% waterproof jacket, this is the one.

  • Made to Finnish army spec - materials are milspec and NIR compliant
  • The fabric is durable and extremely waterproof
  • Generous cut!

A true hard shell!

The case with Gore-Tex is that you'll get a pretty waterproof and a little breathable garment. But when the rain intensifies, your hard shell might not cut it! That's why the Finnish army just decided to make the new rainwear from traditional materials which will definitely keep the weather at bay. Use the garment's ventilation features to keep cool and wear it only when needed and you'll be happy.


Zipper closure with snap flap, a good hood with the option to run a piece of copper wire inside the brim (FDF instructions), and simple flap-covered hem pockets. Adjustments in the hem, hood and cuffs, so you can make it a life-saving plastic bag if you really want to.

Size Large jacket weighs 600 grams.

Fabric and care

Finnish army spec PU coated fabric. Quite light, quite strong and definitely waterproof. The PU coating is naturally on the inside, while the exterior has a matte finish. NIR compliant camouflage print.

Machine wash in 40 degrees Celsius, hang dry if possible ut you can also use a dryer, max. 60 degrees Celsius. Home washing might affect the NIR properties!

Size info

Sizes in the simple S, M, L system. The chart below shows the actual measuremets of the garment. We suggest not giving those too much thought, as these are meant to fit over everything else and run large.

Measuring guide
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large
A 78,5 cm 82 cm 85 cm 88,5 cm 92,5 cm 99 cm 105,5 cm
B 76 cm 77 cm 82,5 cm 84,5 cm 88,5 cm 94,5 cm 95,5 cm
C 22 cm 23,5 cm 25,5 cm 27 cm 29 cm 33 cm 35 cm
D 63 cm 67 cm 70,5 cm 75,5 cm 80,5 cm 90 cm 95 cm
E 59 cm 62 cm 65 cm 67 cm 71 cm 79 cm 84 cm
F 15 cm 16 cm 16 cm 17 cm 17 cm 18 cm 18 cm
G 27,5 cm 29 cm 30 cm 31,5 cm 32,5 cm 34 cm 35,5 cm
X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large
A 30.9" 32.3" 33.5" 34.8" 36.4" 40" 41.5"
B 29.9" 30.3" 32.5" 33.3" 34.8" 37.2" 37.6"
C 8.7" 9.3" 10" 10.6" 11.4" 13" 13.8"
D 24.8" 26.4" 27.8" 29.7" 31.7" 35.4" 37.4"
E 23.2" 24.4" 25.6" 26.4" 28" 31.1" 33.1"
F 5.9" 6.3" 6.3" 6.7" 6.7" 7.1" 7.1"
G 10.8" 11.4" 11.8" 12.4" 12.8" 13.4" 14"

Made to FDF spec

These are factory surplus from an FDF contractor. The normal price for such a garment would probably be 20-30 % more than what these go for. Of course, these aren't available anywhere else, so that's that. Quite likely a one-off lot!


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I would recommend for a friend

Kevyt päällä, pieneen tilaan pakkautuva ja majuriturvallinen. Miellyttävä yhdistelmä siis. Konstailematon sadetakki, josta bonuksena löytyy helmataskut. Atomiviittoihin ja kumikamoihin verrattuna miellyttävämpi päällä. Tiedoksi että kahisee hieman, millä voi olla merkitystä jos tykkää hiiviskellä hissukseen.
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I would recommend for a friend

09.12.2019 (Edited 11.12.2019)
I got the set of jacket and trousers to use as a shell layer for hunting. I do a lot of hunting from blinds, stands, or just sitting next to some shrubbery. It is often very rainy or windy for me, so having this over some solid layers makes me damn near bombproof. Not a drop of rain or whisper of wind gets through these. They are also solid enough to work in if you need good rain gear for that stuff as well. They are swishy as is expected so you probably won’t be very successful sneaking up on anything. I’m 6’1”, 216 lbs and the XL in both fit perfectly over my winter layers but aren’t too loose if I’m not layered up and just want to stay dry. This price point and unused condition make these a steal. Get them before they’re gone.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

22.04.2020 (Edited 22.04.2020)
Purchased both the jacket and pants. I'm 5'10 195 pounds. Pants were a great fit, room to move around and not get bound. Jacket would be pretty roomy to throw on by its own, but I can throw it over top my day hunting pack and it fits great. Which was what I was hoping it would do. In also super impressed with the hood. Very happy over all.
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I would recommend for a friend

I've had mine for about 2-3 months now (and acquired the pants two or so weeks ago) - This is no bullshit a fantastic raincoat, it will keep you as dry as best you wear it. I keep mine in my daily carry backpack, and it rolls up a charm! Takes up about a thermos worth of space, give or take, probably less if you know what you're doing (unlike me). Well worth a purchase if you're after a good raincoat.
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I would recommend for a friend

Mukava. Kevyt. Riittävän pitkä. Paljon vastinetta rahalle.
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