Finnish M05 E-tool pouch

25.99 EUR
Finnish M05 E-tool pouch
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Fiskars trifold E-tool

Fiskars trifold E-tool

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A fantastic folding E-tool. You might have seen these in use by the US Army under Gerber brand. It is originally a Finnish Defence Forces model made by Fiskars and was later adopted by the US.

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Finnish M05 combat vest

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The official combat vest base of the Finnish army, newest model. The high price tag hides behind a vest that meets military specifications. No wonder, as the same manufacturer makes these for the army.

Finnish M05 drop leg platform

Finnish M05 drop leg platform

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A sturdy platform for anything that needs to be used quickly, like a dump pouch. Part of the new Finnish army M05 system.

Finnish M05 dump pouch, Utti model

Finnish M05 dump pouch, Utti model

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Now this is something! The special forces version of the Finnish M05 dump pouch, now available to mere mortals for the very first time. This model is a definitive improvement over the standard version, quite a clever thing to be honest!

An e-tool pouch of the new Finnish M05 load carrying system. Fits the issue Fiskars tool and most NATO tri-fold e-tools.

Note: The e-tool shown in the pictures is not included.

The pull tabs are operated by yanking them slightly sideways. If pulled straight, they won't open up as easily. They can be secured pretty well (i.e. for a parachute drop) by running the additional plastic tabs through the loops beofre closing the two-prong main tabs.

Made of extremely thick nylon webbing. The quality is excellent overall, as should be expected.

Manufactured in Finland by Savotta, a longtime veteran producer of military and outdoor gear.

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