Finnish M/28 backpack #2

49.99 USD
Finnish M/28 backpack #2
Price 49.99 USD. In stock 0 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä!
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Savotta Rucksack 339

Savotta Rucksack 339

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The 339 is actually far more than just a rucksack, this is more like a mix between a regular backpack and a large external frame bergen. Classic design with an extremely clever carrying system, an excellent choice for carrying a few days worth of gear.

The Finnish WW2 M/28 backpack is quite a rare thing. This example is complete with frame, but in very rough shape with large holes, missing stuff from here and of course dirty as hell. The straps are surprisingly fine though, so this could probably be worn by a mannequin.

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