Finnish Lahti-Saloranta machine gun magazine bag, surplus

Finnish Lahti-Saloranta machine gun magazine bag, surplus

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A Second World War era Finnish relic for cheap! These Lahti-Saloranta machine gun ammo bags might not be the prettiest or the most functional bits of kit designed, in fact they're horrible, but it's a piece of history nevertheless. Last batch, these 200 pcs were found from the back of one of our suppliers' warehouse. After this lot these will not be available from us again, guaranteed, pinky swear etc. GET.

Attention! The pictured carrying sling is not included!

One special trait of the Finnish army in WW2 was to design field gear in a manner quite unsuitable for field use. The results were often also somehow stupidly complicated, this LS-26 magazine pouch is a prime example: the designers must have been high on Pervitin and whoever gave the final approval for mass issue was probably shit-faced on moonshine. Anyhow, this is quite a funky looking litte sack of a bag, totally retro, vintage and definitely Winter or Continuation War issue stuff, so it is a proper war relic too.

If our men armed with the Suomi SMG thought they had things bad, not being issued with any sort of pouch at all to carry their drum mags and thus having to tie them with string to hang from the belt, neither did the Lahti-Saloranta machine gunners have it easy. On top of their unreliable piece of shit gun they also had to carry around tons of mags in these sacks. The Finnish army simply could not come up with anything better to carry magazines in, which is both sad and ludicrous.

Well, let's try to be objective about this:

  • Dimensions (closed shut) approx. 25 x 30 x 12 cm. Quite large, but it needs to be to carry enough of those god awful 20 round magazines.
  • Innovative closing system: tie the mouth of the sack shut with a belt-like strap! Wow, just a bit better than the Soviet Veshmeshok rucksack.
  • Unbeliveable, the contents of the sack can be compressed with a strap that goes around the whole thing, kinda like the elastic bands on modern magazine pouches.
  • Complicated carry system: apparently these were originally designed to be carried on some sort of harnesses, evident from the four attachment hooks. But usually, as wartime photos show, these were carried from a simple sling over the shoulder. Think about one of these, fully loaded flopping around your waist and thighs, wonderful.
  • But hey, something positive: these actually fit virtually any magazine in the world, making these a viable choice for modern day gunslingers!

Honestly, a mag change from this contraption must have been one of the most traumatic experiences for Finnish Lahti-Saloranta men in the wars. Just look at the last photo, what hi-speed-lo-drag action that is! The humorous Finnish army conscripts rhyme "no hurry, no hurry, we're here over the weekend" has been digitally added to lessen the tragedy.

Oh well, on the other hand the Finnish army still doesn't issue PKM gunners with any means of carrying their belt boxes, the spirit of the Winter War is strong with us!

Used military surplus

Well surprise surprise there are all heavily used, still all pieces are pretty much there and the sacks work like they should. Materials and details vary a bit, WW2 Finland was not a country where you could just pick any nice canvas and leather straps and never worry about the raw materials running out over time. Buy a bunch while these are cheap.


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