Finnish fur hat "Mannerheim", white, new

Finnish fur hat "Mannerheim", white, new

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A proper nice quality old timey lambswool hat for cheap! The examples are surplus of a batch made for the Finnish army quite recently, according to the supplier. The same model can be seen worn by our own field marshal C.G.E. Mannerheim. Oh we would wish people would wear stuff like this out in the town instead of those boring watch caps. One-off lot, these are the first and last we'll ever get.

Made of real shearling, with satin lining and leather sweatband. These have a notably pleasant odor on them!

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Sizes by head circumference in centimetres. If you use inches, divide the numbers by 2,54.

Made by Fredrikson, manufactured in Estonia, not long ago. The realistic retail price for one of these should be about 100 EUR, so for fifty bucks it's a steal.

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Tämä on ihan kiva lakki kun haluaa hieman parempaa mitä laittaa päähän talvella! Ei tätä toki viitsi aivan joka paikkaan laittaa.
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