Finnish button, gray, plastic, 10 pcs

2.50 EUR
Finnish button, gray, plastic, 10 pcs

Product is out of stock and is unlikely restocked in the near future :-(

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Finnish lion button, nickeled/black

Finnish lion button, nickeled/black

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Real Finnish made Finnish army lion emblem buttons! Damn fine quality, colour-wise these are very similar to a common WW2 era type.

Lockstitch Sewing Awl

Lockstitch Sewing Awl

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If you need to sew leather or canvas, the sewing awl is an invaluable tool for the job. Basically this does the same stitching as a sewing machine, but is used by hand.

Italian sewing kit, surplus

Italian sewing kit, surplus

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Basic sewing necessities in a handy little roll pouch. Although the Italian workmanship shows, these are perfectly fine sets.

Finnish Army surplus buttons. These come in two sizes, and are sold in lots of 10 buttons. Pretty cool buttons, with the Finnish Reichslöwe in the center, stomping a scimitar. Unissued.

Large buttons are 22mm in diameter, small 15mm.

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I would recommend for a friend
- siisti, hillitty, vahva & eikä oo hinnan kiroissa
- miinusta siinä, että tällainen epolettien tilalla on pahimmillaan kärsimystä kantohihnan painaessa napin alapäätä olkapäätä vasten (näillä saa kyllä uutta ilmettä kuteisiin)
- äskeisestä huolimatta suosittelen
- mihin hävisivät pienet napit?
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