Finnish breeches #3

59.99 USD
Finnish breeches #3
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Särmä SkY M27 wool tunic

Särmä SkY M27 wool tunic

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A serious reproduction of the model 1927 wool tunic as used by the Finnish Suojeluskunta (White Guard) personnel. A notably stylish cut, quality wool and surprisingly comfortable!

Finnish army breeches, a tradition not seen too often these days. Complete with blue service branch coloured stripes, made of "summer weight" wool.

Waist 80 cm, leg inseam 77 cm (high waist, measure yours about a finger's width below the navel). Fits like it should for about 170-180 cm tall person. However, it's not the end of the world if you are a few centimetres taller than the recommended height - tall boots will cover the leg anyway.

In overall very nice condition, these have been only used in parades. The undercuff straps have lost some of their elasticity.

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