Finnish boot socks, olive green

6.99 USD
Finnish boot socks, olive green
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BW darning thread, 20 m, surplus
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BW darning thread, 20 m, surplus

0.99 USD

We have an idea. Instead of throwing worn quality socks & other clothes away, why not just fix them? This German army patching thread will provide you 20 metres of extended life for your garments. Save many a buck by spending just one!

Finnish M05 liner socks

Finnish M05 liner socks

5.99 USD

The new basic sock of the Finnish Defence Force. These socks work well with any lined boot and together with a thicker pair of socks they make any non-lined leather boot much more comfortable.

Särmä merino socks

Särmä merino socks

9.99 USD

If you still use cotton socks, dump them now and get these instead. These are superb for outdoor use, but work just as well as formal wear too! These aren't thick, so they can be used around the year. Made with our own specs in Finland.

Särmä TST boot socks, merino wool

Särmä TST boot socks, merino wool

13.99 USD

The Finnish army boots socks are real good, but make them out of quality merino wool and they get even better! Just like our army issue socks, but a little better in every way. The natural moisture wicking properties of merino wool make these a viable option for around the year use.

Thick Finnish boot socks. Tough, durable and damn comfortable.

Made of 75% wool and 25% polyamide. Machine wash in 60 Celsius. The polyamide is there only to increase durability.

size info

Sized according to European shoe sizes, with corresponding common S, M, L etc. sizes in brackets. See the chart below for further reference:

EU sizeSimple sizeUS shoe size
34-36X-SmallUS 2½-4½
37-39SmallUS 5-6½
40-42MediumUS 7-9
43-45LargeUS 9½-12
46-48X-LargeUS 13-15

Made in Finland

Manufactured in Finland to meet Finnish Defence Forces specifications.

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