Fiiber Patrol 210 cm forest skis

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Fiiber Patrol 210 cm forest skis
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The Estonians are smart - they copied the Finnish army snow camo suit, and now they copied the Finnish skis. Here's a pair of very multi purpose skis that you can take to the forest or to ready-made tracks.

210 cm long, 7 cm wide, these skis keep you afloat deep snow, but are narrow enough to ride machine made tracks too. Where these truly shine is when you ski on tracks made by skiing.

The skis have ribbed area under where bindings are to be attached. The base construction is wood, over which there is a glass fibre layer. Military specification paint job is much sturdier than the one usually put on civilian skis, and finally there are holes in front of the skis so you can make a sledge in an emercency.

No bindings are included, but we sell them separately. Attaching bindings to forest skis is completely different from modern track skis, and not very exact science. In general, just attach the bindings to the grip area and go. If you feel necessary to fret about it, tie your shoes on the skis with straps to try out the best place for your bindings.

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Factory new, made by Fiiber in Estonia.

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