Female Lion pendant

Female Lion pendant

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Of course Finland has a proud, roaring, swashbuckling and beer drinking (OK that was extra) male lion as its official state symbol and boy have they made a lot of stuff with it. Kalevala Koru has taken a step to the future by making a lioness pendant to bring some balance to the mix. Meant as an universal symbol - not just for women - this is meant to stand for more modern values where justice of the strongest isn't the answer to everything.

Although a large portion of our stuff is military surplus, which, as the name implies, is something left over from wars and conflicts and preparation for such, we really think the sword is the absolute last tool to solve anything. So along gender equality, this approach resonates to us as well despite our bearded, camouflaged look.

Made of Sterling silver.


Silver products from Kalevala Jewelry are manufactured in sterling silver and have either a polished finish or are oxidized to add colour to the metal. The tarnishing typical of silver may be cleaned off with a Kalevala Jewelry polishing cloth. After cleaning the piece of jewelry with a polishing cloth, rinse the jewellery in mild soapy water so that the residue detergent from the cloth does not stain. The Kalevala Jewelry polishing cloth is not suitable for cleaning stones set in silver, and we do not recommend silver polish liquids for any of our silver jewelry. Oxidized silver jewelry can be cleaned by Kalevala Jewelry’s own maintenance service for a fee.

We will leave it up to the wearer if some patina is a bad thing or not.

Made by Kalevala Koru / Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Koru is an old Finnish jewelry maker and what do you know, they just happen to reside upstairs. So it's only natural to do some little co-operation. Made in Finland.

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11.01.2019 (Edited 23.05.2019)

Tyylikäs ja nätti koru sille tärkeälle sekä kauniimalle puolisolle.
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