Felt boots, surplus

Felt boots, surplus

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Yer olde felt boots! A classic around there here parts and eastwards, these are meant for snow only and provide superb warmth while letting the feet breathe through the slightly porous material. Some of these seem to originate from the East too. One-off lot from the deepest depths of our warehouse.

Models - and especially colours - vary a lot. Some are black, some are brown, some are white and the shaft heights vary too, but all are "boot high".

Size info

Sizes in standard EU/French sizes bunched together, with room for proper socks or rags or hay or whatever you wish to use with these.


Used, properly worn but not at all bad. All serviceable still. Some have rubber glued on the soles, some don't (unlike our pictures show, the rubbers are firmly in place on these ones). We sell these "without" them, so it's a happy surprise if you get them. Yeah we know, it's a mixed lot. Sorry.

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