Esstac KYWI pouch, Double Pistol

Esstac KYWI pouch, Double Pistol

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A very fast pouch for two pistol magazines. The fabulous KYWI insert guarantees a fantastic balance between retention and quick reloads without the need for external shock cords or other fiddly details.

  • Designed for double stack 9mm pistol magazines
  • The KYWI insert offers both retention and speed
  • Belt loops and PALS attachments sold separately
  • Drainage slots on the bottom
  • Materials: Cordura and Kydex

Esstac magazine pouches are made without any built in belt loops or PALS attachments, these are sold separately and attached to the webbing on the back of the pouch. These pouches are also compatible with numerous other attachment systems such as MALICE clips etc.

Esstac KYWI insert

The KYWI insert is made from Kydex and designed to offer both retention and quick magazine removal. The insert flexes enough to allow magazines to be inserted and extracted. When a magazine is inserted the insert squeezes it tight enough to allow a pouch with a fully loaded magazine to be flipped upside down without the magazine falling out. To pull out a magazine just give it a good yank and out it comes!

This kind of "speed reload" pouches are always a compromise, the quicker the reload the bigger the risk of lost magazines. When safe retention over prolonged periods in the field is your main concern we recommend traditional pouches with bungee cord retention or lids. What really makes the KYWI pouches stand out from other similar designs is their sleek design and absence of any external shock cord adjusters and other details which can cause snagging.

Made by Esstac

High quality US made tactical gear, Esstac produces everything from plate carriers to chest rigs and pistol belts, but are probably best known for their KYWI magazine pouches.


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Näitä onkin jo odoteltu Suomen markkinoille! Vaikuttaa siltä, että monet toiminnallisen ammunnan harrastajat ´Murican päässä suosii näitä tuotteita mm. siksi, että näillä saa nopeita lippaanvaihtoja, ovat suht hiljaisia käyttää (ei Velcroa) ja nämä pitää lippaat hyvin paikallaan vaikka mitään ylimääräisiä lärpäkkeita ei ole. Ja tottahan tämä on! Muistan lukeneeni, että Kydexin jäykkyyttä voi helpottaa pitämällä lipasta taskussa jonkun aikaa ja tarvittaessa "pehmittää" esim. hiustenkuivaalla. En ole vielä kokeillut.. Puolikas tähti pois sen takia, että taskun kiinnittäminen ainakin omaan 2" vyohön Malice Clipsillä on hiukan hankalaa. Toivottavasti tulee 2" vyölenkkejä valikoimaan. Loistavia taskuja joka tapauksessa!
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