Dutch undershirt, long sleeve, gray, surplus

Dutch undershirt, long sleeve, gray, surplus

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The Dutch army long sleeve shirt is something we would like to see more as surplus; a well made, lightweight and moisture wicking round neck top for cheap, just the thing you want to carry around just in case no matter what the situation is.

A simple no-nonsense package: long hem, long sleeves, non-chafing seams and standard crew neck. Packs very small, won't take much space in your pack. Made of 100% polyester, which means this transfers moisture away from the skin - a crucial feature in demanding use. Wash in 40 degrees Celsius.

The texture of the fabric varies slightly, but they serve the same purpose. The one in the pictures is the more textured variation. The other is just smoother.

Size info

Sizes in US style easy system. Just pick by your usual T-shirt size, these do stretch quite a bit. As said, the hem and sleeves run long - our model is regular height EU size 48 (US 38) and wears Medium. Note the sleeves which would fit for a way taller person too.

Real deal army surplus

Used, but washed and clean. You get a lot of shirt for the price. The availability seems to be rather poor, we try to keep these in stock to the best of our ability.

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Loistava kampe hintaansa nähden, miellyttävä päällä, ei hirmu karmeen näkönenkään.
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