Dutch underpants, surplus

Dutch underpants, surplus

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In the age of boxers, it's hard to find good ol' speedos as used army surplus. These Dutch ones are brown, so if someone left brown stripes on them, no worries - you can't see them anyway!

Made of proper cotton to soak up piss stains, preventing them from moving on to your trousers. Non-moisture wicking clothing never felt so good.

Size info

Sizes simply in the NATO system: waist circumference in centimeters. Unlike with department store underwear, the sizes are accurate.

Used army surplus!

Someone has been through all of these, checking if the rear or front end is worn out, so all are in OK condition. Oh, remember when we told you about the brown stripes? We lied. These are washed pretty well. Can't have everything.

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Varusteleka employee 18.07.2018 (Edited 18.07.2018)

Hyviä speedoja on yllättävän hankala löytää. Vasta soviteltaessa ja sen jälkeen ehkä vielä käytössä huomaa mahdolliset puutteet, kuten liian matala vyötärö, hiertävä lahjesauma tai liian niukka tai liian löysä perspuoli. Hollannissa on selkeästi ollut asiantuntija näitä suunnittelemassa, sillä malli on TOSI HYVÄ.

Näistä on tullut mun lempparipippelihousuni, Varustelekan omien merinovillaisten jälkeen. Nämä hollantilaiset tosin todennäköisesti kestävät käytössä kauemmin, haisevat enemmän ja pitempään ja ovat tietty tosi halvat. Jos olet lähdössä maailmalle ja otat vain yhdet kalsarit mukaasi, niin ota nämä.


Heads up speedo lovers! It's surprisingly difficult to find a decent pair these days, and what's worst, you will find the deficiencies only after trying them on or, heaven forbid, during use. Usually the culprits are too low waist, chafing seams, too little or too much fabric on the rear and all kinds of little quirks. These have certainly been designed by an expert, as the fit is Just Right!

These are my favourite pair o' speedos, right next to our Merino wool ones. However the Dutch cotton model will probably outlast them, smell longer and worse in use and of course you can't forget about the low low price. If you're going to pick one pair of briefs for traveling the globe, let it be these.
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