Dutch "Lowe Alpine Saracen rucksack", Woodland, surplus

Dutch "Lowe Alpine Saracen rucksack", Woodland, surplus

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A fully modern, well designed rucksack for an unbeatable price - a copy of the Lowe Alpine Saracen that has visited the Dutch army. 100 + 20 = 120 litres carrying capacity and adjustable back. Modern stuff through and through.

The Dutch are out of their mind to let stuff this good go. This kit is as good as they come, suitable for situations where poor quality items could mean serious failure.

Modern design

The bag

  • Total volume 100 litres
  • A large main compartment, with two low profile pockets
  • A bottom compartment divided from the main compartment with a drawcord sock
  • Free floating lid with a pocket on top
  • Weather sock on the mouth
  • Removeable side pouches (10 l each)
  • A huge amount of attachment points for extra stuff and PALS/MOLLE compatible stuff.
  • An inside pocket for a standard hydration bladder (Source WXP will fit)
  • Reinforced bottom

Compression straps on the sides, hidden behind the side pouches side pouches. When you remove the side pouches, the side zippers can be closed, making the pack extra slim. The side pouches can also be zipped together to form a daypack, but the straps for this are not included. The space between the rucksack and the side pouch is left open for carrying longer stuff.


  • Internal metal frame
  • Padded shoulder straps with proper good adjustments
  • Strap location can be adjusted according to user's size
  • Sternum strap often included
  • Padded hip belt with "Bergbuckle"
  • Padded back


  • Fully packed ruck measurements about 70 x 90 x 40 cm
  • Main compartment size roughly 35 x 70 x 25 cm
  • Side pouch dimensions about 20 x 35 x 12 cm
  • Weight pretty exactly 4 kg and a few grams.

Material and care

The material is water resistant, IRR treated Woodland camouflaged cordura. military grade stuff, very strong. As for care, brush dirt off, use mild soap if necessary. The pack won't mind getting wet of course, but don't try to stuff it inside a washing machine.

Dutch army surplus

Used, but in serviceable condition. The fabric may be faded and there's bound to be some signs of use, but all of the vital parts work. Below a little list of notable things

  • The frame might require some re-shaping (use hands)
  • There might be extra general purpose straps somewhere attached to the ruck, or not.
  • The chest strap might be missing.
  • Some random not-so-important bits may be damaged or something, we have no resources to meticulously check every tidbit of a pack this complex. By purchasing a used military rucksack for about a third of its actual as-new value, you just have to accept these things.
  • Most things are easily repaired!

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En ole vielä päässyt varsinaisesti vaeltamaan tämän kanssa. Mutta voin lyhyen käyttökokemuksen perusteella sanoa tämän olevan itselleni passelein rinkka. Painava kuin synti, mutta tautisen toimiva. MOLLE -lisäystaskut auttavat palastelemaan kuormaa entisestään. Kangas on erittäin kestävän oloista.

Tätä ei enää valmisteta, löytäminen on hankalaa. Suosittelen ostamaan kun kohdalle sattuu
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