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Dutch KLu M90 cold weather sleeping bag, surplus

Dutch KLu M90 cold weather sleeping bag, surplus

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Big people ahoy! Here's a non-claustrophobic sleeping bag for you. Open top, generous size and shape, durability for heavy users to boot. Thanks to its surplusness, it's not ridiculously expensive, either.

The Dutch Air Force KLu probably compensated the tight cockpits by giving the pilots roomy sleeping bags. Insulation hasn't been spared, even though the air force probably sleeps in heated hangars on comfy cots, when a proper bed isn't available. The crew enjoying life in the luxury branch of the armed forces probably sleep with the bag open to avoid sweating.

The sleeping bag comes with a huge and sturdy compression sack that can also fit a pillow or another sleeping bag, should you use two bags in very cold conditions.

The KLu M90 sleeping bag system also consists of a liner bag and Gore-Tex bivvy bag, which can be attached to the sleeping bag with a band of hooks and loops. The sleeping bag itself only has the fuzzy loops side so nothing will stick to your merino underwear and chest hair or scratch your delicate skin.

Thoughts of a 3X-Large man

A hint smaller compared to the Carinthia Defence 4/6, still very spacious. The side-zipper makes life easier and the various drawcords to shape the top are smart. Very big plus for the wide and tall footbox, which doesn't force the feet into unnatural positions. Just the right length for me.

Technical info

Sleeping bag: NSN 8465-17-104-1714

  • Length: 230 cm
  • Shoulder width: 82 cm
  • Weight: 3250 g
  • 100 % polyester
  • Machine wash at 60 degrees Celsius

Compression sack: 8465-17-104-1718

  • Length: 70 cm (about 55 cm closed)
  • Diameter: 35 cm
  • Weight: 450 g
  • 100% polyamide, PU-coated
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius

We have no hard data on the comfort and extreme ratings and they can fluctuate with used bags anyways, but we're talking at least of a three-season bag here. We'd take this to minus 10-20 degrees Celsius with confidence.

Dutch Military Surplus

Used, but in OK serviceable condition. Wear can be noticed and cord locks may not be in their prime.


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14.02.2020 (Edited 14.02.2020)
The best sleeping bag ever. No mummy shaped stuff, but a comfortable and roomie piece of cozy and warm air force luxury. I'm 1.90 and got plenty of room. With the gore-tex liner this stuff is like a 5 star hotel room bed while outside in freezing conditions. Takes up a bit of room and weight but it's worth it. Ow plus this is CHEAP. Mine was more expensive.
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