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Dutch Flight Gloves, Leather/Nomex, Surplus

Dutch Flight Gloves, Leather/Nomex, Surplus

Price 19.99 USD excluding VAT

Thin, dextrous gloves that still offer basic protection for your precious hands. A classic pair of aviator fashion that quickly found its way to decorate the hairy hands of the ground troops as well. An old but still very functional design.

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Thin, dextrous gloves that still offer basic protection for your precious hands. A classic pair of aviator fashion that quickly found its way to decorate the hairy hands of the ground troops as well. An old but still very functional design.

During the Vietnam war they came up with a pair of silly good aviator gloves with the grippier side made of leather and everything else of fire retardant Nomex. This meant the gloves did not melt on the pilot's hands if the plane caught fire. Needless to say, a pair of light, dextrous gloves weren't good only in the cockpit, so they were a coveted piece of gear among others as well. These are the Dutch cousin of the classic American model and are nearly identical in every aspect.

On the palm side these are made of leather from the wrist to the tip of each finger. The leather on the palm gives superb grip and dexterity. The back of the glove is made of fire-resistant Nomex. Gloves are kept firmly in place by elastic straps on the wrists. Long cuffs offer protection from small cuts and scrapes.

Perfect stuff when good handling is needed. Working with small bits and pieces poses no problem (e.g. vehicle parts, guns, and such). However, for demanding and continuously abrasive work use these are not meant - everything is a compromise, these offer great dexterity and grip, but not the same kind of toughness that thickest work gloves give.

Size info

Sizes according to user's palm circumference in inches, as is usual with gloves. Measure yours like shown here.

In case you use archaic European glove sizes, here's a tidbit of info that may be helpful or confusing. Content warning: French bullshit.

You see, the French also had inches in their time, but they were not like the 100% Proudly Preserved in The United States inches, oh no. The French ruled most of Western Europe back in the day and their king Charlemagne had such a large foot that dividing it into 12 parts resulted in a 2.71 cm inch, rather than a 2.54 cm inch as we know Americans to use to this day. The European sizes are slightly rounded to the nearest half-size because if there's anything worse than inches, it's French inches.

Glove sizePalm circumferenceUS SizeEU Size
X-Small17.78 cm (7")US 7EU 6.5
Small20.32 cm (8")US 8EU 7.5
Medium22.86 cm (9")US 9EU 8.5
Large25.4 cm (10")US 10EU 9.5
X-Large27.94 cm (11")US 11EU 10.5
2X-Large30.48 cm (12")US 12EU 11

Unused army surplus

Totally unissued, some even still in factory plastics. This kind of stuff usually isn't available for too long.


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4.5 / 5
10 ratings
Suomi (6)
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I would recommend for a friend

I've been looking for a good pair of gloves like this for ages now, and they're perfect! Comfortable fit, perfectly dexterous as described (I can actually push buttons, hold pens, turn pages, and take things out of my wallet with these on), they breathe nicely, and they're a good solid color.
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I would recommend for a friend

Oikein hyvät ja hyvin istuvat käsineet. Talouteen on tilattu 4 paria ja kaikki ovat olleet tyytyväisiä. Käyttäjät ovat mm autoilija, ratsastaja ja ilmailun harrastaja, todella monipuoliseen käyttöön sopivat.
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I would recommend for a friend

Materiaalit ovat ensiluokkaisia, mutta istuvuus ei olekaan. Ainakin omaan käteen nämä ovat turhan kapeat ja pitkäsormiset ja koko oli 11. En ole ollenkaan lapiokourainen, mutta tiukkaa teki saada hansikas käteen. Silti kaikkiin sormiin jäi pari senttiä tyhjää tilaa.

Suosittelen hoikkakätisille, joilla on Paganinin sormet.
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I would recommend for a friend

Very nice gloves, definitely 1st quality + well stitched and finished. My hands are very close to a US 10 - the Large are a good fit, tight to the palm & fingers but not restraining or constricting. And they afford good dexterity - you can (granny) type, operate controls, write etc..

They don't have a tactical finger stylus like some modern tacticool gloves, but if you find yourself needing to use your iphone while on fire just dab your finger tip on your tongue - temporary but works, and yes I tested it. For something more permanent, you can use graphite powder (tested) or carbon black should work too (e.g. from a carbon lighter / 'smoker' for blackening sights ).
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I would recommend for a friend

02.10.2020 (Edited 02.10.2020)
Tilasin kahdet. Yhdet itselleni ja toiset puolisolle. Toisista aukesi sormen ompeleet ekan käyttökerran jälkeen. Hyvät jos omaat lotto-onnea ja sattuu kestävä käsinepari kohdalle.

(Ongelma toki korjautuu kun ottaa neulan ja lankaa käteen ja ompelee auenneen sauman takaisin kiinni)
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I would recommend for a friend

Varusteleka employee 08.04.2020 (Edited 05.06.2020)
Mulle on tullut vastaan jos jonkinmoista lentäjän- ja taistelijanhanskaa ja niitä on tullut käytettyä paljon. Nämä yllättivät todella riemukkaasti. Nämä ovat huomattavasti ohuemmat kuin klassikko BW versio ja kämmenosan nahka on satumaisen pehmeää ja juuri hyvällä tavalla nihkeää. Nihkeys ja pito on hyvä juttu ase- ja veitsihommissa. Veeery nice. Fiilistelin uusia käpälänsuojia himassa ja kävi niin, että rakas vaimoni takavarikoi hanskat itselleen ratsastushanskoiksi ja kommentti oli, että todella hyvät.
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I would recommend for a friend

I just received my gloves and these are a tremendous value at this price. Brand new, top quality. I usually wear a size 9 in gloves and that's what I ordered and they fit perfectly. Happy I ordered 2 pair!
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Excellent gloves, very good if you need to maintain dexterity while keeping your hands reasonably warm. The ones I received were in near-perfect condition. Very good shooting gloves.
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