Dutch combat boots, surplus

54.99 USD
Dutch combat boots, surplus

Product is out of stock and is unlikely restocked in the near future :-(

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Shoe brush, dual action

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TACCO Player insoles
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TACCO Player insoles

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The Player insoles were originally designed for sports, and since War is the greatest of all sports, we can recommend these for use with combat boots aswell.

Palc honey leather grease, 50 ml

Palc honey leather grease, 50 ml

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Proper grease for all kinds of leathers. Essential for maintaining footwear, for instance. 50 ml in a small tin. Smells a bit like honey. Not recommended for anything with a membrane (e.g. Gore-Tex).

Tallipoika leather grease, 500 ml, black

Tallipoika leather grease, 500 ml, black

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Särmä merino socks

Särmä merino socks

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If you still use cotton socks, dump them now and get these instead. These are superb for outdoor use, but work just as well as formal wear too! These aren't thick, so they can be used around the year. Made with our own specs in Finland.

SealSkinz Walking Thin Mid Socks

SealSkinz Walking Thin Mid Socks

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Like with any part of clothing, it's only sensible to separate different layers for footwear too. These offer the waterproof, breathable membrane in sock form. In short, with SealSkinz socks you can turn any ol' boot or piss skater into waterproof footwear. Properly made, well tested, tried and true, SealSkinz is a brand you can trust!

For those with either small or large feet, we have good news! These unissued full leather & solid rubber soled combat boots are a dying breed in the days of cushioned throw-away fluffiness.

Very simple and robust construction: a directly moulded rubber sole, full leather upper, speed lacing and a pretty nice fit. Not much lining, as your socks will do that. The overall experience isn't as comfy as with cushion soled shoes, but in turn these will last a looong time, and even then can probably be repaired to a degree.

Size system

First the traditional EU/French size with a letter denoting width. Then the same in Mondopoint system: the exact foot length in millimeters (not shoe sole, the FOOT), then width measured at the ball of the foot. The fit is pretty tight for a military boot - as in, there's not much room for very thick socks. We do recommend insoles to go with these (Jalas FX2 is nice, pick the same size as the boots) as there are none inside out of the box.


In totally unworn shape. Probably made in the 90's or something, just stored away till now. These are the kind of boots that go against all the marketing dogma, as they take ages to wear out.

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