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Czechoslovakian foot wrap, surplus

0.99 - 1.49 EUR
Czechoslovakian foot wrap, surplus

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Czechoslovakian canteen with cover and straps, surplus

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A Czech issue aluminium canteen with a felt cover and leather straps. Mostly communsit era stuff, these were probably used from the 50's to the 90's. Looks like it came from the same design table as the German Wehrmacht water bottle, but certainly isn't identical.

Dutch mess tin, stainless steel, surplus

Dutch mess tin, stainless steel, surplus

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The Dutch copy of the British mess kit may look a bit odd, it's not a standard paint tin like most of its kind, but definitively a tad more practical in some aspects. These are made of stainless steel, which is a bit pricey on outdoorware, but not so much when it's army surplus!

Not often do you find such relics today - after all these years the Czech army finally let go of their foot wraps. Being Finns we naturally were very interested in them. These are tied up probably like the Soviet and Finnish wraps, which are close relatives. 1 pc means 1 wrap! Buy two if you are lucky enough to have two feet! Buy one if you just intend to use it as a rag.

Footwraps have a history probably almost as long as the mankind itself, but during the last centuries they have been known almost exclusively as a soldier's item. Of course they come in many shapes and sizes, these Czechoslovakian ones seem to be modeled after the longer Soviet wraps very similar to the ones used by our own army until the 90's. Most of us are too young to have been actually taught how to use them, but with some research we managed to come up with a workable style - the most important thing is not to leave bad wrinkles beneath.

As you probably know, socks have replaced wraps today, but these still are sort of useful:

  • They fill jackboots pretty well
  • They dry faster than regular socks
  • Wraps beginning to wear out? Just start wrapping from the other end!
  • Work as a top layer on a sock for collecting sweat and providing some extra insulation.
  • If you need to equip a million man army, these are way cheaper to make than socks!

These come in two flavours; thick flannel and thin cotton. We get them in random batches and sort them out as they come. Measurements for the flannel one about 70 x 42 cm, and 55 x 42 cm for the thin cotton wrap. Might vary just a tiny bit too.

Instructions (Finnish army style)

  • 1. Place you foot on top of the rag about two foot widths from the edge.
  • 2. Fold the corner under your foot.
  • 3. Wrap the other end over your foot.
  • 4. Continue - now turn it under your foot.
  • 5. Pull the corners to get the wrap sit tight and without wrinkles.
  • 6. Ready! Make sure there are no creases under the foot. This will probably take several tries to get it right at first.

The wrapping styles vary, this is just one of them - for example, in the Soviet doctrine you start by placing your foot diagonally on the rag. Bottom line: if it works for you, it's not wrong.

The flannel model is probably better for the intended purpose, while the cotton style is maybe best used as a cleaning rag.


Totally unissued naturally, but might have storage stains and such. The edges are not finished, but left raw.

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Olen sitä sukupolvea, että jalkarättejä käytettiin intissä! Ja ei räteissä mitään pahaa sanottavaa ole ja niitä käytettiin kumisaappaissa ja nahkasaappaissa; alle jalkarätit ja päälle villasukat. Ja tuolla reseptillä mentiin ja tuntui jopa pehmeälle jalassa.
Suosittelen noita flanellirättejä, ovat varmaan lähelle sitä materiaalia mitä olivat intin rätit!
Ja minunkin sukkavarastosta löytyy muutamat jalkarätit, vaikka olenkin niin sukkien pilaama, ettei niitä tahdo tulla käytettyä, vaikka minulla on kahdet intin nahkasaappaat!
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