Czech leather belt without buckle, surplus -
Czech leather belt without buckle, surplus

Czech leather belt without buckle, surplus

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Just like the old German belt (or Finnish M22), but cobbled together in the 50's in Czechoslovakia. Extremely tough, made of thick leather. No buckle included, but we have suitable candidates.

About 5 cm wide, thick leather belt with a hook on the one end and a "tongue" on the other. You slide the buckle on the holes of the tongue, very simple. As said, the buckle is not included, but we sell a few good alternatives. For the record, this belt goes well for German WW1 or WW2 impressions, but doesn't look half bad as a Finnish M22 belt either.

Size info

Measured according to the maximum length of the belt, and can be adjusted about 15 cm downwards. No huge-ass sizes, only shorter ones!


Old, sometimes used, always in serviceable shape. We still suggest greasing the belt before use.

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I would recommend for a friend
- hankin raaka-aineeksi; erilaisten nahkakoteloiden vyölenkit saa tästä
ja kestää...
- olis ollut pidempiä, niin olisin käyttänyt sellaisenaan
- vyössä ollut koukku-osa päätyi tsekkiläiseen vyöhön, jossa m/22 soljen käyttömahdollisuus
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