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CPE Pro Diamond Vest, NIJ IIIA

CPE Pro Diamond Vest, NIJ IIIA

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Protect your torso against accidental and violent threats with this C.P.E. vest made for demanding professional use! Designed for covert wear under your regular clothes.

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Protect your torso against accidental and violent threats with this C.P.E. vest made for demanding professional use! Designed for covert wear under your regular clothes.

The C.P.E. Diamond NIJ IIIA weighs only 1.8 kg (3.97 lbs) in size Large. The panels are less than 5 mm thick (0.2"), yet offers excellent multiple hits protection and hits close to the edge of the panel. Each protective layer is separately laminated for improved hygiene and moisture protection. The panel offers the best possible protection with minimal trauma.

The protective panels are stiff and stand upright on their own. The initial feeling is slightly cumbersome, but the vest adapts to the wearer soon after donning it. With a well-protected body, the mind is at ease and the user can focus on the task at hand.

Protection level NIJ IIIA

The IIIA level according to NIJ-standard is pretty much the lowest used in military and LE applications these days, but also the highest level that can be achieved with soft materials. NIJ IIIA is commonly used in bullet-resistant vests worn underneath clothing as well as flak vests.

NIJ IIIA stops the following threats (list not exhaustive):

  • .22LR (rimfire pistols and rifles)
  • .44 Magnum SJHP
  • 9x19mm FMJ (pistols and submachine guns)
  • Fragmentation and ricochets.

If you are unfamiliar with the NIJ rating system check out this chart for further reference:

9x19 mm FMJ RNOK (341 m/s)OK (367 m/s)OK (436 m/s)OK OK

LRNLead Round Nose
FMJFull Metal Jacket
RNRound Nose
JSPJacketed Soft Point
SJHPSemi-Jacketed Hollow Point

Size info

The vest is designed to be worn over an undershirt below all other clothes. The fit is tight. Don't choose a too large size: it may be loose on you or restrict movement. Especially a shorter person should not pick a tall vest: the bottom edge of the panel may hit your thighs and the top can dig into your throat.

When reading the table, focus on being in the right range around the chest and ensure you're tall enough. If you're between two sizes, pick the one with the more suitable length.

Small MediumLargeX-Large2X-LargeMeasurement points
Height (A)162-170 cm170-176 cm176-182 cm182-188 cm188-196 cm
Chest (B)86-94 cm94-100 cm 100-110 cm108-118 cm116-126 cm
Waist (C)72-86 cm82-94 cm 92-104 cm102-114 cm110-124 cm
Waist-waist (D)90-98 cm94-102 cm 98-106 cm102-110 cm106-114 cm
Navel-shoulder (E)<32 cm33-35 cm 36-38 cm39-41 cm42-43 cm

Our product pictures features a Medium-size vest on a tall and slender person: 188 cm height and 96 cm chest. (6' 2" and 38").

Made by CPE

CPE, short for Combat Protective Equipment, is a large-scale Finnish manufacturer of protective kit. They supply riot gear, training suits, bullet and frag protection to the Finnish Defence Forces and law enforcement institutions both domestic and foreign. CPE has their own laboratory for testing and stringent standards to provide the end-user with the highest possible quality to depend your life on.


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Comfortable wear, simple to put on. Comes with a functional undershirt, too.
Will report back if I get shot while wearing it, provided it did its job.
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