Civilian Labs leather wallet with belt clip

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Civilian Labs leather wallet with belt clip
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Stylish and simple leather wallet for bills and cards with steel security clip and carabiner loop.

The exterior is perforated black leather with a nylon webbing trim. The closure is magnetic (NO velcro on this wallet!) and the inside has 5 card slots, 1 mesh window, key pocket on the right and a single tri-fold bill pocket.

External Size 11 x 7,5 x 2 cm, opened width 23 cm.

Tips for use

Comes with a belt clip for carrying the thing on your belt, or either inside or outside of your trousers. The wallet also has a small nylon webbing loop on one side. You can run any kind of carbine hook or cord through this.

Made by Civilian Labs

Designed in sunny California, made in equally sunny China.

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