Civilian Labs Kevlar wallet with belt clip

19.99 USD
Civilian Labs Kevlar wallet with belt clip
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Despite being made from Kevlar, this wallet won't stop bullets. It'll still probably outlive you, though. We're quite confident this will be the last wallet you buy, since it's tougher than an old DMS boot and functional as you please.

The wallet will hold a bunch of cards, bills and coins. The card slots are transparent mesh that won't stick to your cards. The coin pocket has a zipper closure and is located in the bill fold.

Comes with a belt clip for carrying the thing on your belt or why not either inside or outside of the trousers. The wallet also has a small fabric loop on one side. You can run any kind of carbine hook or cord through this.

Factory new, made by Civilian Labs.

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I've had it for a year already, and it's as good as new. Practical and resistant.
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