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CCCP KZS camouflage trousers, surplus

CCCP KZS camouflage trousers, surplus

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The KZS camouflage suit was an iconic piece of the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Originally designed as a simple, single-use oversuit for wear on top of NBC protective gear the KZS quickly became a favourite among the troops stationed in Afghanistan due to it's super breathable construction.

KZS takes simplicity to a whole new level, even by Russian standards. The trousers have an elastic waist and slits for accessing pockets of any trousers worn underneath. That's it, really.

The most "special" thing about the KZS is the loosely wowen burlap-like fabric. Extremely breathable and works well for the intended purpose of camouflage, but that's about it. This stuff is not wind nor waterproof to any extent, and neither does it need to be. The fabric makes the KZS a good base for DIY ghillie camouflage suits!

The camouflage print colours vary a lot, as can be seen in the photos. A single garment can be - and usually is made up from different colour fabrics. This is actually quite cool!


In Soviet Russia clothes wear you, for real. These exist in sizes 1, 2 and 3. 1 for small people, 2 for regular sized people and 3 for big people. Length best suitable for "regular" height people. That's it.

Unissued military surplus

These trousers have never been issued for use, instead they have spent decades on some shelf in some godforsaken warehouse somewhere. The condition is naturally very good with no wear or tear, just some stains and dust from prolonged storage.


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Hämmentävä tuote , tehtaan jäljiltä ja maastokuvio puuttuu vasemman lahkeen takaosasta. Vaan itse tuote , vaikkapa lisälämpökerrokseksi kevyen puvun alle - verkkopaita-ilmiö. Ei juuri kahise eikä heijastele eli sopii luonnossa kulkemiseen. Hyvä kun tuli hankittua koko puku . Siinä on naapureilla ihmettelemistä kun ruohonleikkaus sujuu erilaisessa maastopuvussa.
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