BW webbing suspenders, older model, surplus

5.99 USD
BW webbing suspenders, older model, surplus
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BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

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The West German canvas service belt. This 50 mm wide belt can be used equally well as a trouser belt as it can as part of the combat webbing. Very solid!

Mil-Tec shoulder bag

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Dutch MOLLE pouch, grenade, DPM, surplus

Dutch MOLLE pouch, grenade, DPM, surplus

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In addition to being good pieces of kit, the Dutch modular system is dirt cheap. The price doesn't reflect quality: this is proper army issue built to last. This one's for carrying a grenade.

The Germans sure love their Y-straps, almost as much as their jackboots, and continued to use them until the 80's and 90's.

The West-German army had two webbing suspenders for light or heavy use. These are the "heavier" model with pack straps and all, these are meant to haul things and not just keep your trousers up. Visually these resemble the war-time model, most obviously these are thicker and partially padded.

There are five straps, of which the two front ones are attached to belt loops or magazine pouches, the next ones go to the back to the bottom of your day pack, and the single rear one goes on the belt. The top has additional clips for the day pack (sold separately, if available).

To put things in short and nice order, the principle is the same as used before and during the war, just improved here and there.

German army surplus

Used but perfectly serviceable.

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Nice n' heavy. Bought mine to hold a belt up with and they do that well. I can see these being really useful for someone doing construction who needs more support on their tool-belt.
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