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BW webbing set, Flecktarn, surplus

19.99 EUR
BW webbing set, Flecktarn, surplus
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The standard Bundeswehr webbing used before the IDZ-vest became the norm. This system replaced almost everything else in the 90's and still sees some use. A very modern, basic modular combat webbing set.

Note: the canteen pouch isn't included anymore. That's the way of military surplus. Disregard it in the picture.

The wide belt and H-type harness (some come with a sternum strap, some don't) are made of very durable polycotton, while pouches are Flecktarn-camouflaged cordura. The pouches attach to the belt with durable plastic clips and won't move an inch once in place.

This standard set comes with a belt, a harness, a e-tool pouch, and a buttpack.

The belt can be adjusted some 10 cm in each direction from the marked size. The harness comes in one size only.

In used, but perfectly serviceable shape.

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