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BW Tropical Hat, Flecktarn, surplus

BW Tropical Hat, Flecktarn, surplus

Price 11.99 USD excluding VAT

Flecktarn camouflaged tropical bush hat. Used Bundeswehr issue.

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Flecktarn camouflaged tropical bush hat. Used Bundeswehr issue.

The German tropical hat has a higher crown and a more rectangular shape than the US boonie hat. The brim is about 9 cm wide and can be buttoned up from one side to ease aiming. Ventilated with three metallic mesh holes.

80/20% cotton/polyester. Sizes run pretty small, we suggest you take at least one size bigger than usual.

Used German army surplus

The hats are used, but in overall nice condition apart from the occasional slightly faded fabric.


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4.38 / 5
4 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

Decent hat. I wear a size 58/ 7 1/4 US sizing, and the 58 fits me perfectly. The hat doesn't slide and fits snugly enough that it won't fall off if you shake your head or bend over. Breathes well and keeps my head fairly cool. The hat is also soft and has a lot of give, so you can pack it without worrying about it getting squashed and deformed. The brim appears very soft and floppy as well, but it becomes stiffer when you wear the hat and will stay in place if you fold it up or down with no problems. It's also pretty stylish and "socially acceptable" as far as camouflage goes, but that could also just be because I love flecktarn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My only complaints are that the brim is shorter than the description says (actually about 2.9 inches/7.5cm Pic: I still got a bit of sunburn on the tip of my nose/lower face while wearing this, so do mind that if you don't like sunscreen.

Secondly, the chinstrap doesn't have a traditional cord stopper, so you can't tighten or loosen it, it's literally just a small piece of leather with two holes that the strap goes through. Overall, it's still a decent hat and for €10, I'd still recommend it despite these flaws, just get a cord stopper.
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I would recommend for a friend

22.06.2017 (Edited 22.06.2017)
This particular hat arrive to me in great condition (dating from 2001) with minimal wear and fading. I am a size 56 cm and I purchased a size 58; the hat fits well, though the rim of the hat fits a bit differently than what I am used to (it feels a bit stiffer than expected) and the brim does not feel like it is 9 cm (in fact I measured it and it came to about 7 cm). As for the chin strap, it has a simple piece of leather that the strap goes through (this is my preferred method of strap adjustment for boonies), however the leather is relatively thick and stiff (this could be from age /and or storage though) and when combined with the small size, makes it so it does not adjust easily. As well, this particular boonie hat also lacks foliage loops on it, which for most people is probably not a big deal, though if that is your thing, then you should keep that in mind. Anyway, this is fun boonie hat at not a bad price.
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I would recommend for a friend

Fuck yes! I had these on my wish list for awhile. The sizing is spot on! If anything up size one. I wear a 59/60 (7-1/4) I got 58, 59, 60. The 60's fit me well enough to stay on and be comfortable, the 59's would stay on in heavy wind, and the 58s would give me a headache. Well made flecktarn funky goodness! Only one side of the hat folds up, easily fixed with another snap if you like to snap both sides up for a Hank 3 look like me. Best boonie hat ever possibly.
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I would recommend for a friend

dig it. 4.5 stars cause i look like G.I. Joe's Gnawgahyde wearing it. i just need to shave.
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