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BW Tent Stake and Pole Set, Surplus

BW Tent Stake and Pole Set, Surplus

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Handy German army surplus tent stake and pole set for camping alone with a tarp or, with two sets, in a two-person shelter.

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Handy German army surplus tent stake and pole set for camping alone with a tarp or, with two sets, in a two-person shelter.

This tent stake and pole set was originally designed for the BW two-man tent. When it was not possible to bring big army tents along, two soldiers could each carry a shelter half and one bag of stakes and poles. They could then be used to build a two-person tent when needed.

Use one set together with a tarp when hiking alone. Of course, if you fancy a romantic adventure à la German army, get two sets and suitable shelter halves. An unforgettable experience that your spouse will bring up for years to come.


This set comes with four aluminum poles and stakes, and one 2-meter (6’7”) long guy line. Attach the poles together, and you get one c. 1 m (40”) tent pole. The stakes are 26 cm (10”) long and good old nearly nuclear war-proof design with a relatively low weight of 55 grams (1.95 oz). The set weighs 450 g (1 pound).

The set packs nicely in a 30 cm (12”) Flecktarn camo bag that blends very well in with the forest surroundings. In other words, nobody will find it if tossed carelessly in the shrubbery. Luckily, there is a hanging tab on the backside, so you can easily attach it to your backpack. This set doesn’t come with the tarp, so that needs to be purchased separately, for example, from us.

German army surplus

This is used German army gear. So, there will be some minor dents and scratches, but nothing that affects usability. If you are lucky, you might also get some authentic German army surplus sand with the stakes.


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