BW military police Sam Browne belt, white, surplus

15.99 EUR
BW military police Sam Browne belt, white, surplus
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The parade belt of the German Military Police called Feldjäger. Sam Browne type with an additional strap running over the right shoulder.

Please note!The pistol holster and handcuff pouch are not included! Just the belt and shoulder strap.

The Feldjäger was formed in 1955 along with Bundeswehr. Their duties were not much different from Feldgendarmerie during and before WWII in Germany: maintaining order in occupied land and arresting people who are enemies of the Party.

This white belt is not for duty, but parades and it's called Weißzeug. It's Sam Browne type or "suicide belt", depending on who you ask. The width is 50 mm (2") and the buckle is rather big. The bird is of course politically correct, surrounded by the phrase "EINIGKEIT, RECHT, FREIHEIT", which probably means something like "ARREST, CUFF, JAIL".

Made of thick leather with a white surface applied.


Sizes given are the maximum lengths. The belt does not require overlap like ordinary ones. The belt can be adjusted about 15 cm down from the maximum size.

In used but serviceable condition.

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