BW entrenching tool pouch, green, surplus

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BW entrenching tool pouch, green, surplus
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BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

BW webbing belt, old model, canvas, surplus

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The West German canvas service belt. This 50 mm wide belt can be used equally well as a trouser belt as it can as part of the combat webbing. Very solid!

Finnish M05 E-tool pouch

Finnish M05 E-tool pouch

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An e-tool pouch of the new Finnish M05 load carrying system. Fits the issue Fiskars tool and most NATO tri-fold e-tools.

Turkish "ALICE Medium Pack", w/o frame, Turkish Woodland, surplus

Turkish "ALICE Medium Pack", w/o frame, Turkish Woodland, surplus

29.99 EUR

According to our Turkish sources, the Turkish army is the best in world and whoever says otherwise is a Greek spy. These are genuine Turkish army backpacks, very much like the US Army Medium ALICE pack (which naturally is just a sub-standard bootleg copy of this original and Mighty TURKISH model).

Got a German tri-folding E-tool but lost or forgot to buy a pouch? Here you go, get one now while stock lasts!

Even if you don't carry an entrenching tool around on your belt (who in their right mind would?), this pouch is a really good protective case for the tool you keep in the back of your car or garage shelf.

The material is flexible and strong polymer, immensely tenacious against wear and tear. On the back you'll find two "ALICE attaching things", in other words US keepers. With these you can attach the pouch to belts up to 55 mm wide.

Army issue surplus

Used Bundeswehr surplus. However a small note would be appropriate: The genuine German surplus E-tools we sell have for some time been supplied with pouches that have been made by Mil-Tec. No reason to worry; these are STURM Mil-Tec's army contract stuff, and made to BW specs. In any case you'll get a serviceable and durable pouch.

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