BW duffel bag, surplus

24.99 USD
BW duffel bag, surplus
Price 24.99 USD. In stock 8 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä! Products in stock are also available in our walk-in store.
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Paracord, 15 m

Paracord, 15 m

9.99 USD

Originally soldiers had to snatch their paracord from used parachutes. Being just the right size for general purpose use and fairly strong too, paracord has since become the de facto universal cord for US military and many others.

Bundesmarine pea coat, long, dark blue, surplus

Bundesmarine pea coat, long, dark blue, surplus

39.99 USD

Not quite a greatcoat but not as short as a traditional pea coat, this German navy coat is made of very nice woollen gabardine style fabric and is complete with a zip-on liner and brass anchor buttons. Nice enough to wear at formal occasions, but not at all a bad choice for regular use either, just don't wear cargo pants with it! Superbly proper quality for cheap.

Danish hessian sack, surplus

Danish hessian sack, surplus

6.99 USD

Danish hessian sack. Perfect size for cutting and sewing into a Scarecrow mask. Or if you have a coffee shop of some kind, these are perfect stacked in the corner for that rustic touch.

BW duffel bag lock, surplus

BW duffel bag lock, surplus

1.99 USD

A sturdy steel lock to close and secure a duffel bag or other piece of luggage, or retain a slave? You decide.

US duffel bag, surplus

US duffel bag, surplus

24.99 USD

The idea of the traditional duffel bag taken a bit further - these have shoulder straps and are made of cordura! Used US Army surplus.

If you are after a proper ol' duffel bag, try this German model. Large, made of strong canvas and surprisingly nice to carry for a bag of its size thanks to the shoulder strap system.

Closed with the traditional "shish kebab way", piling the grommets on the locking piece and closing it. Unfortunately we can't promise you will get the lock, but any cord or rope should be enough to fill the purpose.

Measurements flat about 65 x 80 cm. Weight 1,5 kg - as said, no flimsy canvas on these. Volume? Well... maybe about 100 litres?

Used military surplus

Used and abused, but in serviceable condition.

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Toimii!! Kerrankin kunnon säkki johon mahtuu kamaa just niin paljon, kuin haluaa! Ei tarvii niin tarkkaan viikkailla ja asetella, senku mättää menemään! Ja ei oo mitää pilipali vetoketjuja jotka heti hajoo... Kestää ja toimii!

Ei ehkä pidempään kantamiseen selässä, mutta sehän ei ole tarkoituskaan tällä vehkeellä.

Omassani tuli lukitusrauta mukana, joka osaltaan helpottaa käsittelyä.
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