BW coverall, blue, surplus

7.99 EUR
BW coverall, blue, surplus
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BW mechanic's coverall, olive drab, surplus

BW mechanic's coverall, olive drab, surplus

24.99 EUR

West German issue coveralls. A very functional model with a good fit, durable zippers and all. You get a lot of quality for the price.

BW survival vest, Tropentarn, surplus

BW survival vest, Tropentarn, surplus

9.95 EUR 14.99 EUR

German army Tropentarn camouflaged service shirts converted to intricate vests by East German ladies.

British coverall, flame retardant, surplus

British coverall, flame retardant, surplus

49.99 EUR

Proper British coveralls with a flame retardant treatment for work safety. 100% non-metallic!

A proper no-bullshit working mans overall! Simple, super hard wearing and ridiculously cheap. High quality HBT cotton, button up front, a chest pocket and slits to access trousers underneath.


Simple, just Euro sizes with no separate heights. A garment like this doesn't really need to fit like a tailored suit anyway.

  • Model's height: 173 cm (5'3")
  • His chest measurement: 102 cm (40")
  • Coverall size: 48

Old military surplus

These are in pretty decent shape considering their intended purpose, some minor signs of wear etc. can still be found.

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