BW beret, new, black

BW beret, new, black

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Pros get an unissued beret, remove the lining, shape it properly and wear it until the fit is perfect just for your noggin. A winner's choice!

Military berets were first introduced to the world by the French army, as early as 1880. Since then many militaries have adopted the beret as their official head wear, including the German Bunderwehr. A beret makes you look professional, cunning, intelligent and whatnot. These are decently sized, unlike the huge flaps you sometimes see worn by the French.

A black beret is issued to members of German armoured units, including armoured reconnaissance.

The material is wool with a leather trim, and a sturdy support backing for the cap badge.

These are not pre-worn, but completely unissued.

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Jämäkkä pakasta vedetty rieska. Sisältää myös vahvikkeen oletetun barettimerkin kohdalla. Saunomiskäsittelyn kanssa muotoiltu sopii loistavasti.
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