Bundesmarine shirt, repro

24.99 USD
Bundesmarine shirt, repro
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Mil-Tec sailor hat, white

Mil-Tec sailor hat, white

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A super fashionable and gorgeous sailor cap for all you seamen, or anyone passionate about that sort of thing.

Bundesmarine winter boots with felt lining, surplus

Bundesmarine winter boots with felt lining, surplus

45.99 - 81.99 USD

Hoo boy, the Germans let go of some pretty damn good winter boots. These Bundesmarine boots are made of real leather, fur lined and have a zipper running on the side. Probably some 200 EUR boots if made today. Maybe more.

Italian winter boots with felt lining, surplus

Italian winter boots with felt lining, surplus

90.99 USD

We admit it - ordering Italian winter boots was a gamble, but so far it looks like it paid off! These "Piston" made boots are actually quite decent and brown in colour, which is rare. Most likely vintage manufacture, old but unworn. Being surplus, they offer quite a lot of bang for the buck.

The traditional German navy summer shirt. The design dates way back, it was used by the nazis and probably long before them too.

A simple, rugged design with fabric that definitely will not stretch. Opening for your chest hair of the front. 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

Size info

Sizes are standard European men's sizes: multiply by teo to get the recommended chest circumference. Divide by 2,54 to convert it to inches.

Factory new reproduction

These are new reproduction stuff, made by Mil-Tec.

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