British winter mittens, DPM, surplus

13.99 USD
British winter mittens, DPM, surplus
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Särmä merino gloves

Särmä merino gloves

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Good quality made-in-Finland knit gloves from super-duper material. Good as they are for a bit chilly conditions, for serious cold these do well as insulating layer for hard shell gloves. How can they make these so cheap in Finland?

For arctic operations there's no such thing as overkill when it comes to insulation. If you live above 60th parallel north or in the inlands, chances are you'll see weather where these are necessary.

The set consists of a wool pile liner and waterproof MVP shell, which can be separated for easy repairs and fast drying. The pile liner is stingy and itchy, so if you have sensitive skin some kind of liner gloves are strongly recommended.

The full set would consist of three parts, but the inner mittens are not included with these:

  • Wool Pile Liner - NSN# 8415-99-869-3509
  • Mittens, Inner, ECW - NSN# 8415-99-869-3506
  • Mittens, Outer, ECW - NSN# 8415-869-3503

Material and care

It's best to just hand-wash these with a mild detergent. The outer mittens require spray treatment from time to time to repel water, but most of the time it will be dry when you wear these.


Used, but in good condition.

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