British/SADF collared shirt, khaki, surplus

3.99 USD
British/SADF collared shirt, khaki, surplus

Product is out of stock and is unlikely restocked in the near future :-(

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BW neck tie, surplus

BW neck tie, surplus

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The problem with civilian neck ties is that they just fall apart in real rough use. Military neck ties are made to withstand combat. And if you plan on going to a fight without a tie, maybe you're not a real gentleman!

A neat dress shirt. Not bad at all for civvie use, as the colour & cut are pretty neutral. And of course, the price is more than right.

Features a stiffened collar, two breast pockets and button closure - standard stuff.

Normal shirt sizes (in centimeters), measured from the base of the neck. We have also given easy sizes for those in a hurry.

Used, but at least not soiled at field excercises or anything, only washed, starched & ironed about one thousand million times. The colour shades might vary slightly, but all fall in the realm of khaki. Some are of British manufacture, others South African. Basically all are the same, but with small variation in details of the pocket flaps. We won't differentiate.

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Lovely shirts, accurate size, suitable for wear even in the civilian world. However, both of the shirts I received has curious stitching; it seems as if the lower parts of the shirt were sewn, by an individual with a machine, to make them more slim. In both cases the stitching was just on one side.
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